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This review applies to version 5.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Widevine’s suite of video optimization tools enables content owners, Internet service providers and MSOs to provide the best possible live and on-demand entertainment experiences affordably.

Widevine adaptive streaming introduces QoS controls which adapt internet video quality to match a consumer’s available bandwidth. The solution enables consumers to bookmark, fast forward and rewind internet video—just as if they were watching a DVD or Blu-ray disc in the living room

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    ionel D Last year

    Not working in Windows 8

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    Guest 2 years ago

    This is beyond a joke, mine looks for prompts every half an hour. How do I stop it?

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    Guest 2 years ago

    Yes, this is so annoying! Please get a better version of Widevine online.